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Here's what I was able to figure out. I think the install finally works..

  1. pip install askbot now installs Django==1.5 instead of Django==1.4 which is needed, since Django==1.5 apparently isn't supported. You have to do a pip install -U Django==1.4 to revert Django back to 1.4

  2. I previously tried to install Askbot via pip install askbot, rather than through the develop branch in github, but here it runs into problems. I'm trying to install with MySQL, but the python askbot migration doesn't work with InnoDB (dies around migration 101). Perhaps in the install instructions you should mention to set the DB to MyISAM by default. One way to do this is through the /etc/my.cnf file.

  3. For EC2, when using Apache, you need to install mod_wsgi as it is not part of the AMI image by default.