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I just did a new install with latest from askbot on github. The machine is a new linux box with python 2.7 and postgresql 9.3. Everything went well until I did python syncdb and python migrate askbot

I received DataBaseError 17 times, usually because a Constraint already existed and thus could not be created again, or because it did not exist and therefore could not be dropped. To get around this, I kept psql running and manually dropped a database constraint if required (alter table foo drop constraint bar) or I would open the migration file and comment out code that was trying to remove constraints that did not exist. Then I would run the migration again and it would succeed.

I also received many harmless "fatal errors" in the migrations, usually for adding a column that already existed. Overall it was not fun, but I am glad it is over.

The most difficult part was getting askbot to run under gunicorn, as it could not find the file and thus would not start. I finally found a solution to add an entry in the file.


I have nginx proxying requests back to gunicorn, which is running under supervisord. Now all is well on this box, but still more work to do with LDAP authentication.