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Is there a way to enable double opt-in for user account registration?

asked 2013-03-16 12:30:21 -0500

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updated 2013-03-19 02:34:01 -0500

Specifically, is there a way to set up registration so that users have to respond to an email from the site before their account becomes active?

Apparently this is a requirement for websites hosted in Germany.


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answered 2013-03-19 02:52:57 -0500

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It appears that compatible functionality may have been added in Askbot 0.7.44. Per the Changelog:

0.7.44 (Nov 11, 2012)
• "Optional restriction to have confirmed email address to join forum (Evgeny)"

I'll need to test this feature to make sure it works as I expect, and confirm with someone who understands German better than I that this follows the rules... :-)

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Asked: 2013-03-16 12:30:21 -0500

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