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How to name Askbot project directory?

asked 2013-04-13 16:30:53 -0500

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updated 2013-04-13 17:49:20 -0500

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When installing askbot, I did a clone from github which gave me a new folder (that contains a number of files like, and 1 folder called askbot.

During the askbot-setup process, I'm asked where to deploy askbot. If I enter "." to deploy in my root directory that contains the askbot folder, I get a warning that the askbot app already exists:

Please do not name your entire Django project 'askbot', because this name is already used by the askbot app itself Enter directory path (absolute or relative) to deploy askbot. To choose current directory - enter "."

If I enter the askbot folder as where to deploy askbot, I get this message:

Directory /Users/Kris/Sites/askbot/askbot already has a django project. If you want to overwrite and files, use parameter --force Enter directory path (absolute or relative) to deploy askbot. To choose current directory - enter "."

However, if i go back to my root directory and choose to deploy it in a new folder mysite, everything works. After the setup process is complete I can go into the /mysite folder and run "python runserver" and it appears that everything is running correctly.

Is that the correct folder hierarchy though? In my root directory, I'll have two folders:



"askbot" contains all the app/django applications, and "mysite" contains the settings?

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answered 2013-04-13 16:42:41 -0500

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Make it like /Users/Kris/Sites/something-else/askbot. The reason is that django requires the directory containing the is a python module, importable with an import statement. Inside that directory there already is module called askbot, so that name is already taken. Just rename your project root directory.

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