Possible Askbot Search implementations.

The problem and pain-points for askbot users:

Askbot search results are not accurate and relevant.

Possible Search Features --

  1. Should the search be like Google Search? Match Titles and Content inside the answers i.e the whole page?

    Search should not only show matching questions, but also display all the matches like a list, think Google Search results.

    Next, if we think a little ahead, Think -- a Synonym recognizing search? There can be many synonyms or very closely-related words.

  2. The Relevance of search Results -- Should it show on the top of search results, based on Frequency of hits or just perfect match searches or options like filtering by date/time like Google or something much-much-simple and better?

  3. What happens if a question is deleted? Is the search indexes updated instantly? Currently there are stale results i.e Some searches return deleted topics.

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asked 2013-05-22 15:56:18 -0500, updated 2013-05-22 16:02:44 -0500
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