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So, despite some requests, it seems you prefer to track bug reports and feature requests in here, rather than on a dedicated bug tracker.

Fair enough, that's your workflow. :)

However, in a comment to the original question linked to above, you said:

When I fish for bug reports - I select tags "bug" and "bugs" and ignore "fixed" and "done". That way you will see all unsolved bugs.

I had been reporting a few bugs before finding this important piece of information. Fortunately, I had used the right tag, Phew. :)

It would be great if the sidebar that is visible when asking a question could indicate that to make them more visible, bug reports and feature requests should be appropriately tagged.

User feedback and the time they take to send it is valuable, so their bug reports deserve to be as visible as possible.

On the other hand, developers time is also valuable, and proper tagging of bug reports means they will waste less time going through questions and trying to identify which ones are bugs.

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asked 2013-06-19 00:53:17 -0500
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