Errors fresh install of Askbot-Heroku

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After lots and lots of errors and trial and error the furthest I can get setting Askbot-Heroku up is I can run it but attempts to use search results in this error:

    DatabaseError at /questions/scope:all/sort:activity-desc/query:test/page:1/
column askbot_thread.text_search_vector does not exist
LINE 1: ...estion'  AND "askbot_post"."deleted" = false  AND askbot_thr...

I can create a regular user and post, but any attempts to post as admin result in this error:

   DoesNotExist at /questions/ask/
Group matching query does not exist.

Have I missed a step somewhere?

anonymous user
asked 2013-06-28 12:26:49 -0600
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