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Validation_Link doesn't contain correct URL

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I used forgot password feature in my site and the link which I got in email doesn't contain correct URL. I checked that it generates from

'validation_link': site_url(reverse(handler_url_name)) + \ '?validation_code=' + key.

Why is this validation_link not picking site_url correctly? Have I forgot to add site_url somewhere? I have set site name in to Where else do we need to put site url?

Note: It's picking the Site Name correctly like WebSite Name for example.

Greetings from the WebSite Name,

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Chankey Pathak
asked 2013-07-05 05:27:53 -0600, updated 2013-07-05 05:32:54 -0600
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1 Answer


The future version will have self-test for the site url (patch committed to the repo).

In your case you should go to "settings->URLs" and set the site url. Make sure the base url ends with a slash (this is autocorrected in the new version too). Second part is /admin/sites/<site_id>/ -> domain name (this is fixed too in the new version, that is the site now needs to be entered only in one place).

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answered 2013-07-05 07:43:05 -0600
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