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Required fields on sign-in

asked 2013-08-13 05:15:35 -0500

shano gravatar image

I'd like to add some required fields to the user in askbot that a user must fill in before sign-up is completed. Specifically location and country.

I see you guys are using django-authopenid to handle logins. Instead of automatically forwarding the successful open-id/password entry to /complete, do you guys know of a way to forward to another step and ask for country and city?

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answered 2013-08-13 05:41:04 -0500

Evgeny gravatar image

It would be either necessary to program a new step in the registration process or add fields to the "complete registration" page. Neither of these is currently supported.

Our code for the user registration is in /askbot/deps/django_authopenid, which contains a customized fork of the original application django-authopenid, it is probably very different now from the original application. This app can be disabled via

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Will there be issues disabling your customized version of django-authopenid and simply using the existing version. The latest django-authopenid seems to have a OPENID_SREG setting that supplies user required fields that appear on completion.

shano gravatar image shano  ( 2013-08-13 09:14:22 -0500 )edit

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