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New feature consensus — Admin super Powers

asked 2013-09-28 01:42:20 -0600

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updated 2013-09-28 01:54:21 -0600

For any growing community needs, an admin must be able to —

  1. Add or subtract votes for any question. Lets call that module as vote management.
  2. A manage-able Site Front page, i.e push good posts to the top, i.e front-page.
  3. Creating and handle dummy accounts and vote up/down, no need to log-out and login.
  4. Bulk user moderation.
  5. A Dashboard to get reports and graph, a holistic experience

Eg: Idea about implementing 1 would be —

First admin creates 5 fake user accounts(anonymous) as user1, user2, user3, user4, user5. Now he must be able to vote up as user1 or user2 or user3 and so on, without logout. All fake accounts are tied to the same user from inside.

Please share your thoughts. I like to get the community consensus, before freezing the design.


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answered 2014-04-05 04:04:34 -0600

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I'm doing a similar thing with fake accounts, and there i noticed, that the following feature would also be nice to have: 6. Ability to set the timestamp for questions, answers and comments. (So that the fake content does seem more realistic and maybe also post something in the future, which will be only visible after the provided timestamp)

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Asked: 2013-09-28 01:42:20 -0600

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