Run askbot-setup with no prompt

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I'm trying to automate the installation and startup of an askbot server. I'm currently trying to make it so that I can run askbot-setup with no prompt but no matter what options I try, I cannot get the command to run without prompting for things I'm specifying through command line options.

I've tried the following:

askbot-setup -n="./" -e 2 -d="db.sql" -u=admin -p=admin

and I've also tried making a settings file and using the external option, like...

askbot-setup --append-settings="./my_dir/"

I've also tried running both of the above with the verbosity options through using -v. Still I'm prompted.

Is there a way to run askbot-setup without a prompt?

anonymous user
asked 2013-11-23 15:17:54 -0600
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I've been working with this lately on a local instance, what is it prompting you for?

matthew-parlette's avatar matthew-parlette (2013-12-26 16:23:16 -0600) edit
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