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I am just considering to use askbot just on my laptop (running it locally) or on my home network to organize some personal knowledge in question answer format.

  • Since I want full search capabilities (word stemming etc.) I think I should use postgres database as backend.
  • Since I want to use math I also need the mathjax plugin

On the other hand I don't want to read and learn much about how to manage askbot properly. I just want to install it and use it without any trouble. Some time ago I followed the install instructions and installed it sucessfully on my laptop (without mathjax). However the installation process seemed to me pretty long and complicated so I decided to wait until there will be a ubuntu package for askbot (so I could just do aptitude install askbot, when I need a fresh install or a upgrade), but there seem to be no efforts in this direction. Now I am considering to use it even though there is no ubuntu package.

My concern is that if anything goes wrong, the data stored in the postgres database may be lost. This leads me to the following questions:

  • Is there a way to export the questions and answers to text files?
  • What's the best way to backup the whole askbot installation and how can I bring it back, if an upgrade goes wrong?
  • Is there a way to split an askbot installation? For example if I use it to manage questions about math and physics (each with a math and physics tag), and later decite to seperate it to two askbot sites (one for math and one for physics). Is this possible?
  • Are there any tipps to make things easier, when I just want to run it locally as described above?
  • Are there any other pitfalls I should have in mind, when considering askbot for local, personal use?
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asked 2014-05-31 05:57:43 -0500
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