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Hi everybody,

I'm a complete newbie to django and mezzanine so please excuse my obvious question, but I really couldn't find the right answers on google in this short time.

We are trying to build a website where users should be able 1. to register, they should automatically get a user ID assigned 2. When a user is registered he/she can fill in a simple application form with three or four text fields. 3. The form should save to the database 4. In admin view all filled in forms should be listed with following attributes: user name, user id, user group, email, timestamp (all of this preferably sortable and searchable) and when you click on them of course one should see the filled in form fields.

I have successfully set up django and mezzanine with user registration, which wasn't difficult. Adding a form and making it accessible to a user is no problem. I'm still having trouble to save these filled in forms to the database and make them viewable in the admin. Any hint or help would be great.

cheers, Jörg

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asked 2015-02-09 17:39:56 -0500
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