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How to use a captcha to allow asks/answers to new users to avoid spam

asked 2015-08-12 08:33:03 -0600

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Hi, I've deployed an askbot website and I've seen one question from a spam bot, so I'm thinking about implement a captcha to avoid spam bots are able to post/answer any question. Using a minimum karma value to allow users to post/answer questions is not useful in this case because I need that new users are able to post/answer questions.

Has someone implemented this captcha system to allow new users to post/answer questions and avoid spam bots?

I need some help with this issue. Thank you.

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Have you already implemented the captcha on the login page? That way, only "actual" people are registered users.

dharrah's avatar dharrah  ( 2015-08-14 15:16:28 -0600 )edit

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answered 2015-12-07 09:21:17 -0600

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Thank you for your answer, dharrah, but I didn't find that option. Finally, I've disabled the feature "Allow posting before logging in", and I changed the "Content moderation method" to "pre-moderate watcher users and audit flagged posts" and the users's status to approved. That way when a new user try to post, this post is blocked until a moderator accepts it. Last step is mark the post and the user such as approved and that way only new users will be moderated to avoid spam. To avoid the moderation of a determinate user you only have to change the user's status to "approved", and to block it (if it's spam) you only have to change the user's status to "blocked".

I hope my answer helps someone and if someone finds another better way (easy, please) I'll be glad to listen to. Thanks.

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