Connection Refused when viewing question

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I'm sorry to ask this, as it has to be simple thing I'm missing/user error. But I'm getting a "Connection refused" error when viewing a question. It looks like I don't have the rabbitMQ / celery setup correctly.

The highlights of the stack:

askbot/models/ record_question_visit


Then it goes through celery, to kombu, to amqp to where it bombs out in ampq/ create_transport

        if not self.sock:
            # Didn't connect, return the most recent error message
                        raise socket.error(last_err) 

And raises the exception:

[Errno 111] Connection refused

trying to connect to host:


I'm using the default settings from the repo, including the lines:

BROKER_TRANSPORT = "djkombu.transport.DatabaseTransport"

import djcelery

I'm assuming I just don't have something running on the backend to handle those requests, though looks like CELERY_ALWAYS_EAGER = True should do local processing/not require a backend?

Any pointers/suggestions on where to look would be most appreciated! Thanks!

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