the community wiki checkbox is not working for us

At [ask. libreoffice. org] (https: // many of my higher level colleagues, i.e. those with lots of karma, are now regularly asking questioners to please not use use the askbot "community wiki" feature. (Since I'm brand new here, I can't yet post a screen shot of it here, so I'm assuming you know what I'm talking about. *)*

I agree. While this feature on the surface looks like a great idea, it doesn't work out that way in day to day use of the site. First it does not incentivize taking time to answer these questions, and also it doesn't allow junior people the full benefit of seeing who are our sharp help people, by referring as much to their karma.

Here are a few of the comments and requests opposed to this "community wiki" feature:


Thanks for looking into this. We would like to get this fixed asap.

At I'm [EasyTrieve] (https: // with a modest karma of 700.


** BTW, A 2nd idea for you: Stack exchange gives one 100 points of karma when you sign up at a sister site if you already have substantial karma established elsewhere. This is in recognition of one's established trustworthiness, and I think you should do the same with askbot. For example, today it would mean that I could include the screen shot I refereed to above.

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