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Is there already a place for documentation?

asked 2010-04-27 03:29:09 -0600

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updated 2010-04-27 13:53:32 -0600

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Over time, when the project grows, there will be the need for a structured project documentation.

Are there plans where this documentation will be stored? Is Github's Wiki any good? I always found it a little crappy and difficult to use, but I haven't really spent much time with it so the assessment can be unfair.

If there is need for it, and the project doesn't mind using non-Python tools, I can offer setting up and, if desired, also hosting a DokuWiki installation.

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answered 2010-04-27 12:23:15 -0600

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updated 2010-04-27 12:24:51 -0600

Hi Pekka,

Well thanks for motivating me :) and for your offer too - I have a whole server to play with, so hosting is not an issue. Link to the wiki is at the top.

I've installed Mediawiki - something I'm familiar with. The two sites will have separate account systems until we build a robust single sign-on system.

Next up is project site - I want to try Jekyll for that.


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@Evgeny aah great, hadn't seen the link. Good stuff! Let me know if you need a hand with filling the Wiki, e.g. from text files in the git repo.
Pekka's avatar Pekka  ( 2010-04-27 12:59:43 -0600 )edit
@Pekka, all documentation stuff is in forum/documentation. I've just installed wiki after reading your question. Feel free to edit - there are no dogs guarding it :).
Evgeny's avatar Evgeny  ( 2010-04-27 13:41:28 -0600 )edit

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