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Why should I choose askbot?

Hello, I'm planning on creating a new stack overflow like site, but not for coders. I've been studying the alternatives and I have some inclination to askbot, mainly because I like your theme more than shapado, osqa and question2answer, but I don't know of any other differences. I've seen on that askbot does not have an admin interface, but I see here that you are testing one now.

I would like to know what are the differences in the features of each project, because I can't find any comparison on google.

If I decide to go with askbot, would you guys help me to set it up. I was thinking on hosting it at the free account at allwaysdata, but I don't mind to pay something if that account is not good enough.

PS. Sorry for my not so good english.

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asked 2010-05-11 19:15:11 -0500
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Oh, I really like the other design in the question before this. I love red. When will it be available?
jeremy's avatar jeremy (2010-05-11 20:06:34 -0500) edit
you'll have to ask it's author :)
Evgeny's avatar Evgeny (2010-05-11 20:16:51 -0500) edit
I have to stick to programming at the moment, but improving "skinnability" will become a priority soon.
Evgeny's avatar Evgeny (2010-05-11 20:18:45 -0500) edit
@Jeremy I'm in a pretty busy phase at work right now (self employed) so it can take some weeks until the proposed sketch is available as a finished skin.
Pekka's avatar Pekka (2010-05-12 12:45:09 -0500) edit
No problem. I like the default theme anyway.
jeremy's avatar jeremy (2010-05-12 15:09:31 -0500) edit
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Hi Jeremy,

Thanks! It's tough to compare features, especially with Shapado and question2answer because frankly I just don't know all the details.

I can give a better comparison with OSQA because Askbot and OSQA intersected at some point - I've contributed to OSQA project for about a month and a half since OSQA was created. Before I was just working on my own fork of CNPROG for about 8 months after I've translated the original code from Chinese.

OSQA has more features, but Askbot is more stable, there are only three bug reports on this site - all fixed. I think we also have better browser support.

We have one feature that I believe no other Q&A site has - you can drill-down search using text query, tags and author name simultaneously (add/remove parts of the query without losing others, you can also read questions that you found then come back to the same search results).

OSQA has a more versatile login system - you can log in to the same account on OSQA in many ways - while here users have to stick to one. We will start working on a similar login system very soon.

Our admin interface lacks ability to upload logo, but this will be implemented.

Also we don't have an on-screen notification about new comments yet, not sure if OSQA or others have it - will be done in a week or two.

Since alwaysdata gives free accounts I'll set up one and see what it takes to deploy there. Will be happy to help.

In what language are you planning to run your forum?

edit: for django programmers out there and those who need to integrate platfrorms - askbot is a right choice - that's because we are building this tool with the integration in mind. It is not very evident yet, but will become soon. Askbot has a goal to become an "addable" django component.


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updated 2010-05-13 19:56:17 -0500, answered 2010-05-11 20:16:05 -0500
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I am french but I want a english site, because my subject is universal. You said you don't have a logo upload, but I can change my logo right?
jeremy's avatar jeremy (2010-05-11 20:26:03 -0500) edit
Also, I would like to install askbot in my computer to play a bit. Is there any instructions? I'm a newbie, I only know some things about wordpress.
jeremy's avatar jeremy (2010-05-11 20:28:38 -0500) edit
Forgot to mention that I use windows 7.
jeremy's avatar jeremy (2010-05-11 21:10:54 -0500) edit
yes, to change logo you'll just replace file forum/skins/default/media/images/logo.gif I think Pekka has set up askbot on windows, he even hinted that he might write up some instructions ;).
Evgeny's avatar Evgeny (2010-05-11 23:35:00 -0500) edit
I have to say alwaysdata is quite impressive, really easy to get started. I'll get back to you once I finish the installation.
Evgeny's avatar Evgeny (2010-05-12 11:55:44 -0500) edit
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