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Askbot and one-click django installer ?

asked 2011-03-22 03:22:33 -0600

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as a person with little experience with Django, would like to know how in general Django should be installed on a ready-made hosting package - with one-click installer

like they have on for example,

may be someone can make an explanation on how to install it to

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answered 2011-03-22 13:30:29 -0600

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They do not seem to offer a "one-click" application deployment service, they just install django for you and initiate a blank django site.

What they help with greatly - configure the webserver for you, but any other hosting provider will do that too.

Askbot's startforum script is the easiest method to get started with askbot - as it creates entire django site, and installs django, if necessary.

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