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Can we track number of searches or questions viewed?

In askbot, is it possible to track the following statistics:

  • Number of searches done
  • Number of Questions viewed

Most of activity statistics (questions asked, answered, edits, tags, etc...) can probably be extracted from the activity table but I'm wondering specifically about views and searches...

update Since Askbot supports google analytics, the questions viewed could be tracked on a page basis.

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updated 2011-05-17 16:10:42 -0500, asked 2011-05-17 15:22:36 -0500
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1 Answer


Benoit, I'm thinking that the searches will be quite diverse, with many variants of wording for the same topic or term.

How do you think those could be presented meaningfully? Probably there must be some keyword analsysis... Anything using tags? I think we need some ideas here as simply listing counts for each search query could be quite dilute in information.

Here is an example from my other site - NMR Wiki, collected over 4 years.

It is not tough of course to simply log queries and count their frequencies.

Another thing to consider is that these search logs tend to saturate with time and after a while little new information appears at the top.

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updated 2011-06-10 23:58:30 -0500, answered 2011-06-10 23:53:54 -0500
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