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Support for additional tagging inline?

asked 2011-07-15 02:26:46 -0500

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updated 2011-07-15 09:39:51 -0500

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If I ask a question and want to retag it by adding a additional tag. It doesn't work. Only way to add a tag is to edit the question. Retagging is limited to replacing one tag with another. Is this a feature or bug? In any case, ability to add a tag, inline would be nice. Maybe part of editing line.

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answered 2011-07-15 08:26:53 -0500

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updated 2011-07-15 08:28:01 -0500

Hmm, it works for me, but there is a weirdness in the behavior of the widget - you need to hit enter twice to save the tag. Does adding the tag indeed not working for you? It is possible that there is a browser-specific bug - it happened in the past.

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Double enter does indeed work but this really needs to be fixed. A single enter is just being ignored
mether's avatar mether  ( 2011-07-15 08:38:30 -0500 )edit
Yes, the widget needs to be reworked. There are two actually that work together - the autocompleter and the retagger.
Evgeny's avatar Evgeny  ( 2011-07-15 09:44:41 -0500 )edit

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Asked: 2011-07-15 02:26:46 -0500

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