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Badges associated with which activity?

When I get a badge, I would like to see the association between that and my action specifically in the activity tab in my profile. For instance, if I get a "nice question" badge, I want it to be shown against the link of the question which I received it for.

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updated 2011-07-31 13:26:15 -0600, asked 2011-07-18 06:37:21 -0600
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Okay, I've implemented this on my fork, both on the activity tab and the overview page, but only for badges originating from either questions or answers.

A bit of a hack, hopefully Evgeny can clean it up... :)

For the overview tab, I just add a template list:

awarded_badge_context = models.Award.objects.filter(
                            user = user
                            'object_id', 'badge', 'content_type'

and then use these to get the id of the associated question or answer (object_id) and whether it is a question or an answer (content_type), then display a collapsible list of links below each badge type, hidden by default, opened via jquery clicking on the badge count (x1, etc.).

For the activity page, had to add some variables to the db query populating the user's awards (content_type_id and object_id). Preserve question and answer lists as fetched, pass them to the template and do the same as on the overview tab, this time with a simple (source) link beside the badge.

The links to answers don't have the associated question slug or the question summary in them, but they work anyway, so I left it for now.

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updated 2011-07-25 02:35:25 -0600, answered 2011-07-24 12:41:48 -0600
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Is this in the latest upstream release?
mether's avatar mether (2011-07-31 13:17:54 -0600) edit
Yes, it is.
Evgeny's avatar Evgeny (2011-07-31 13:22:46 -0600) edit
Not sure it is related but with the latest update, I get a internal server error for my username at Other usernames are ok. I cant find anything useful in the logs.
mether's avatar mether (2011-07-31 13:35:54 -0600) edit
Could you set DEBUG = True, hit the page and send me traceback? Sorry, apparently I missed something.
Evgeny's avatar Evgeny (2011-07-31 13:37:03 -0600) edit
Set. Refresh that page to get traceback
mether's avatar mether (2011-07-31 13:39:57 -0600) edit
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