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I'm looking at using askbot to develop a Q&A site for health issues, looking for advise


I'm looking into developing a q&a system inside a Custom built Django CMS site.

Should I develop the site on top of askbot? Or can I drag apps across when needed, and build up?

Many thanks.

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asked 2011-08-02 22:55:58 -0500
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1 Answer


It won't be simple to adapt Django CMS to work as a Q&A forum, as far as I see it CMS gives you a way to store posts, but you would have to add everything else - questions, answers, comments, votes, badges, reputation system, extra data in the user profile. It will be too much work.

Much easier to integrate Askbot with Django CMS in the same django project.

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updated 2011-08-03 08:23:33 -0500, answered 2011-08-03 07:56:51 -0500
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Great. Thanks for the advice. If it works out well, ill post the site. L
leesmee's avatar leesmee (2011-08-04 02:16:38 -0500) edit

How did this work out, @leesmee?

Brett's avatar Brett (2012-01-18 07:33:21 -0500) edit
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