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How are release versions tagged in askbot-devel in github?

I just forked the github repo, but there don't seem to be any tags or branches that represent the currently released version. Any suggestions would be very helpful!

anonymous user
asked 2011-09-23 17:23:48 -0500
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1 Answer


You are right, there aren't. Maybe just add tags? I think branches would be an overkill.

Most of the time commits are stable, so we were not adding tags. We run all tests on every long living tip commit.

Evgeny's avatar
answered 2011-09-23 20:13:43 -0500
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tags would be a great help! don't think it's necessary and go back tagging old versions, but if you could at least tag 0.7.23, would be super helpful. glad to hear that commits are stable, but in production environment, would be helpful to be in sync with the released version : )

andrewaskbot's avatar andrewaskbot (2011-09-26 15:32:42 -0500) edit

Ok, will try to follow this, would be nice to automate this with some postcommit hook. Not claiming that askbot code is bug free, but if we notice an error 500 type of bug we won't push new code until the bug is fixed.

Evgeny's avatar Evgeny (2011-09-26 15:38:04 -0500) edit

Here is a post-commit hook script that checks for a change in the VERSION variable as the indication that there is a release:

andrewaskbot's avatar andrewaskbot (2011-09-27 08:57:48 -0500) edit

Thanks, I've added this to the bug tracker, the best I can do right now as I am heading to the airport.

Evgeny's avatar Evgeny (2011-09-27 09:11:32 -0500) edit
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