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askfedora search does not work as expected.

In the search text box, type "web" and wait. Observe that the question which has the word "web" in it is not displayed, however, a question which has no "web" in it is displayed.

Expected: Should display only questions which has the search string.

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asked 2011-09-29 07:57:04 -0500
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1 Answer


If you want to search for short words or acronyms, extra setup of the database will be required, this is postgresql-specific.

In addition /settings/FORUM_DATA_RULES/, set minimum length of search term to 3. Of course there are shorter search terms - like c. To make these work it will be necessary to configure the database to specifically catch those short terms, i.e. this will require custom work.

Default full text search configurations in the databases ignore short words, which are usually not heavy in information. Of course in the technical literature this is often not true.

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answered 2011-09-29 16:13:08 -0500
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It is already set to 3. I have made you a admin in Ask Fedora. So you can verify

mether's avatar mether (2011-09-30 12:43:32 -0500) edit
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