Logins with "askbot" accounts not working

We can create new users but not login with them. We can see the users listed in the userbase but there's no way to login with them. Any ideas as to why this is happening?

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Erik Larsson
asked 2012-01-03 12:07:58 -0500
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What login method did you use to create those accounts? Looks like we have issues currently with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. If you can't log in with password then there must be some configuration error.

Evgeny's avatar Evgeny (2012-01-03 12:11:32 -0500) edit

This is when you login with a password. What kind of configuration error would this be?

Erik Larsson's avatar Erik Larsson (2012-01-03 12:50:46 -0500) edit

Maybe CSRF_COOKIE_DOMAIN... the setting has to match your domain name, otherwise you'll keep getting errors. What would help - if you enable debug mode: DEBUG = True in the settings.py and then tell what error you are getting by reading it off the screen.

Evgeny's avatar Evgeny (2012-01-03 12:53:27 -0500) edit

Erik, did you solve this issue?

Evgeny's avatar Evgeny (2012-01-03 16:20:40 -0500) edit

Hi, yes, somethings happened with the the for values in the login fields, we don't really know what happened. We did a temporary fix until we know more in detail what happened.

Erik Larsson's avatar Erik Larsson (2012-01-07 05:39:24 -0500) edit
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