what format is needed when importing old data?

asked 2022-04-12 03:09:37 -0600

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updated 2022-04-12 03:33:24 -0600

I want to import my old data. The data is in a excel, which contains questions, answers and related authors.

Are these any APIs I can use to import data? And btw what format is needed?

Wish for your answer, thank you very much!

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My database is postgresql and the askbot is branch master.

eugenejay's avatar eugenejay  ( 2022-04-12 03:10:37 -0600 )edit

I use django-import-export to import my old data. After i import thread, post and post revision, it works. But there is no thread_tag import API, so i can't search by tags. Hope for your answer. @Evgeny

eugenejay's avatar eugenejay  ( 2022-04-14 07:35:35 -0600 )edit