Should profile tags only reflect (upvoted) answers?

asked 2012-03-22 09:43:42 -0500

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updated 2012-04-14 15:40:12 -0500

I notice on my profile that I have earned "points" in 20 tags:

Selection of tags from my profile.

However, almost all of these are from posting questions.

I am going off of my experiences with a certain other Q&A-format network of sites here, but I am used to the idea of the tags on my profile representing my expertise with certain topics or subjects.

Showing how a user tags his posts seems like meaningless information to me (but I could be wrong about that). However, showing what tags a user has posted upvoted answers for... now that is much more useful.

This would imply that the tags on my profile should really be reflecting only my answers — and only my upvoted answers at that.

For example, if I was on a programming Q&A site, and I wanted to know who my local Python experts were, I would not be interested in people who posted lots of Python questions, and I wouldn't necessarily want to know who posted lots of Python answers — I would want to know who posted lots of upvoted Python answers, and that's what I would expect from someone who has lots of points in the python tag on their profile.

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