Integrating a CMS into an Askbot-powered site

I notice that Askbot's settings interface allows an administrator to add HTML content to a few static pages (namely, the About, FAQ and Privacy Policy pages).

However, it would be nice if this could be taken a step further:

  • Allowing administrators to create any "static" page.
    • Administrators could create feature- or topic-specific FAQ pages to help prune gigantic FAQ lists.
    • Site- or topic-specific policy pages (such as a Terms of Use page) could be added where necessary.
    • Administrators could create articles to supplement popular question topics on the site.
      • The implementation of tag wiki pages would mitigate this need somewhat.
    • And so on. See the top navigation bar on just about any Wordpress-powered site for additional examples.
  • Allowing administrators to manage the links in the header/footer of the site.
    • Note that administrators can already add static content (e.g., links) to the left/right sidebars.
    • Some links would be more appropriate in the site header/footer, though.

There has been a little bit of discussion on this topic, but it seems like integrating a Django-based CMS into an Askbot-powered site (but not necessarily the reverse) could be manageable.

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asked 2012-05-04 11:22:11 -0500, updated 2012-06-24 05:46:43 -0500
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Is it possible to integrate the contrib.flatpages app into Askbot?! If that was possible then would help with the basic use cases of adding a page here or there. I thought I read somewhere on the Askbot QA forum that it was not possible because of the way Askbot uses skins, but can't find that piece of info again.

Basel Shishani's avatar Basel Shishani (2012-06-24 03:26:33 -0500) edit
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