Deployment for dummies: how to configure webserver?

I am completely new to Django and PostgreSQL. I was following the documentation step-by-step (I use Ubuntu 12.04), and now my AskBot installation runs OK on localhost.

Now I am stuck with deployment:

I completed the first two steps, with static files collections and setting up permissions. What I am going to do next? (for Apache/mod_wsgi)

Using PHP/MySQL engines such as Wordpress or phpBB, I would normally copy my folder to the server and then run the website; it would prompt me for the remaining steps to create the database and complete the installation.

Here I see that the next step is "Configure webserver". And I have no idea how I can possibly do this. What files should I edit or create?

Deployment attempt 1. I tried just to copy my folder from localhost to my hosting server by FTP, but it seemingly doesn't work (I get 500 Internal Server error) - anyway, I don't see how it would, because the database was not migrated.

Deployment attempt 2. I connected to the server by ssh, installed askbot in a virtual environment, and completed the installation steps right there, on my hosting server. It runs GNU Linux and I have a command prompt access to it.

After I started the Django development server, I couldn't figure out how to access it. Apparently, no browser was installed on my hosting server. Opening the site didn't work either.

I decided to continue anyway and got stuck exactly at the same place: "Configure webserver". My guess was that I needed to create a bash file with these settings and try to run it. It didn't work: I had no privileges to run the bash file.

So my question is: - Where I can set server configurations? What files should I edit or create?

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asked 2012-05-18 11:53:45 -0500, updated 2012-05-24 07:16:14 -0500
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The deployment of Django projects is a little more complicated, but If you follow the guide, the deploy should work.

darkness51's avatar darkness51 (2012-05-19 13:55:25 -0500) edit

I don't know how to continue. The next step is "Configure webserver" and some settings, but I have absolutely no idea what to do with this information. I tried looking for it in the internet: they write about virtualenv and some other stuff, but I didn't figure out how it should work (though I keep trying).

sdk's avatar sdk (2012-05-20 06:45:11 -0500) edit

I'm stuck with this too... Any help?

Pepe's avatar Pepe (2012-05-28 23:17:04 -0500) edit
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