Copyright message not showing?

I have edited the following setting "Copyright message to show in the footer"

which has "Default value: Copyright Askbot, 2010-2011."

But I don't see the copyright message appear in the footer on any page.


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asked 2012-07-24 16:21:15 -0500
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Did you set up the shared cache? If not - that could be due to the same cache related issue as discussed in another thread.

Evgeny's avatar Evgeny (2012-07-24 19:39:07 -0500) edit

I configured memcached, but the problem is still there. The reason was because I had "Show license clause in the site footer" disabled. I want to have a copyright message but no license message.

Joseph's avatar Joseph (2012-07-24 23:29:21 -0500) edit
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