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Identify friends in askbot site


The great feature that give us the possibility to log in in our askbot site is really good.

I've the request to can identify when i'm logging to the site if in that there are some friends of mine of other "providers" how Facebook Twitter G+ etc.

Some way i've seen that when i log in to a site with a social account it present if there are my friends or not.

If there is this feature i'm sorry but i've not seen and if there is not can be a good way to socialize and to follow or read what are the question that my friends have sent or their answer to better know them.

Thank You

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asked 2012-08-30 02:29:33 -0600
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1 Answer


+1, Nice Feature and Interesting. We already have Facebook, Google+ and Twitter login's. So we can always show Common friends already using the site. On top of this we already have Social Sharing buttons too. Is this you are requesting for?

But IMO, Social-layer integration's are a NICE to have for particular type of sites and NOT all sites. Most don't like to see their Facebook Social Graphs attached to their Professional life i.e Professional Stuff doesn't really go well with Social life sharing. By this what I say is - We should always fill one NICHE community needs. And for the same reason - the future of Social-networks/Communities will be around some niche. (Never bring everything in one site) So it's better to have askbot sites to keep with only Email based Login systems.

And Currently in Askbot, we already have a Follow-List too. So there is always a chance to exploit this feature in good ways and add cool things on top of this Social-Layer.

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answered 2012-08-30 10:36:08 -0600, updated 2012-08-30 10:45:48 -0600
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I've seen the sharing buttons but i mean that when i log in with my social account would be interesting that i can see if on the site there are other mine friends not only related to a particular question.

surely it must be an option how feature because in some type of sites this can be not good but how i ever think when a feature is an option that i can use or not is evere better that to not have it :-D

I understand what you say and someway is correct but not ever. in a professional site is good that i do not mix professional and social but in other case can be good .

Thank you for answer

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Are there some news about this feature?

I Like AskBot's avatar I Like AskBot (2013-07-07 02:18:01 -0600) edit
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