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Admin Site Error on WebFaction

asked 2012-09-03 11:26:58 -0600

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Trying to deploy my site onto Webfaction. Everything seems to be working, except the Admin Site. I keep getting this error when trying to access it:

'admin_static' is not a valid tag library: ImportError raised loading django.contrib.admin.templatetags.admin_static: cannot import name staticfiles_storage. Running Django 1.3.1 on Python 2.7.3

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answered 2012-09-04 09:18:34 -0600

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Never mind, I found the problem. Using the webfaction panel, I unintentionally installed Django 1.4, but I also installed Django 1.3.1 locally to the app. This version mismatch appeared to have caused the issue. After recreating my Webfaction app to match the version, everything looks good.

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Asked: 2012-09-03 11:26:58 -0600

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