Self-hosted Wordpress Integration dont works?

asked 2012-09-15 07:59:50 -0500

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Is the Wordpress Integration at the moment not possible?

I installed the python_wordpress_xmlrpc, activated the xml-rpc thing in Wordpress (and checked the url), activated in my Askbot the "Activate to allow login with self-hosted wordpress site" under the "Login Provider" settings and put my xml-rpc url in there, too.

The Button on the Login Form is OK, But when I try to click it, nothing happens.

My Askbot version is 0.7.43.

Is there a hint or a problem? Any Ideas? Thanks

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Looks buggy, if the self-hosted wordpress auth is enabled, and i try to login with an unknown userlogin, a fake login like "asdsadjl", and press login, then i become an 500 http error, everytime. With an valid wordpress userlogin, same 500 http error. (VariableDoesNotExist: Failed lookup for key [request] in u'[{}]') I searched for the 500 failure, my is ok, and i have the "django.core.context_processors.request" entry in my At the moment I disabled the self-hosted wordpress auth, and have no problems. But any Ideas about this problem? :)

Edur gravatar image Edur  ( 2012-09-16 08:08:51 -0500 )edit

sry, doublepost

Edur gravatar image Edur  ( 2012-09-16 08:08:53 -0500 )edit