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'status' of users created not using AskBot

asked 2012-10-31 13:50:59 -0600

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Hi, I run Askbot on the same database of my main app, and I prefer to leave the user creation in one place (the main app).

I've noticed that users created by my main app have an empty status: ''.

Shouldn't that be 'a'?

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answered 2012-10-31 14:13:15 -0600

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updated 2012-10-31 14:15:01 -0600

Try to use the default values.

This is a common problem - how to allow different apps to have their custom user profiles. Django did it one way until version 1.4, now switched to another approach in 1.5.

In askbot we just added fields to auth_user.

IMO - if you are integrating a number of applications into one project, then it's better to have one table for the user profile and maintain it accordingly, which requires some custom database maintenance, otherwise there may be several fields for the same thing like "website", "homepage_url" etc., depending on the app, and then you'd need to synchronize those values.

Maybe something can be improved in askbot code to make maintenance of the user profile table easier.

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Thanks, I do have a separate model (UserProfile) in my own app, but Askbot doesn't. So how do I get Askbot to save the default values? I suppose it has a post_save hook on User, right?

siovene's avatar siovene  ( 2012-10-31 14:19:28 -0600 )edit

@Evgeny, just mentioning you in case you missed my comment above :)

siovene's avatar siovene  ( 2012-10-31 15:31:03 -0600 )edit

PS: I'm almost missing "_personal_####" group names for users that are newly created outside of Askbot.

siovene's avatar siovene  ( 2012-10-31 15:45:34 -0600 )edit

Sorry, I'm done for the day, will look at this tomorrow.

Evgeny's avatar Evgeny  ( 2012-10-31 15:50:19 -0600 )edit

No problem, I actually don't need this anymore. I made my main app provide Open ID, so I will run Askbot on a separate database.

siovene's avatar siovene  ( 2012-11-01 12:26:59 -0600 )edit

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