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How to use the django-rosetta?

asked 2012-12-19 04:43:03 -0600

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updated 2012-12-21 19:46:26 -0600

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I'm tying to translate my askbot translation files with django-rosetta. I followed the installation instructions of rosetta and it appears to be installed in my virtualenv. When I run the localhost:8000/rosetta I have the following error .. Any ideas?

Django Version: 1.4.2

Exception Type:TemplateSyntaxError

Exception Value: "count" in u'blocktrans' tag expected exactly one keyword argument.

Exception Location: ~/django/templatetags/ in do_block_translate, line 413

Error during template rendering

In template /usr/lib/pymodules/python2.6/rosetta/templates/rosetta/pofile.html, error at line 124

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I'll probably delete this questions later, as it is does not apply to askbot.

Evgeny's avatar Evgeny  ( 2012-12-21 19:34:01 -0600 )edit

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answered 2012-12-21 19:33:14 -0600

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Looks like it's a bug in django-rosetta, please talk to the rosetta developers.

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Asked: 2012-12-19 04:43:03 -0600

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