State of spam block features?

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Currently I run a bbPress based forum to support the user base of MediaCore but I'd like to migrate to a system which is better maintained and I like the StackOverflow-style forums for QA questions.

Askbot seems like a good fit as MediaCore is written in Python as well (though more on the Pylons/Pyramid side).

Now my main concern is spam blocking. Currently the forum gets a lot of spam (> 500 spam posts per day) and most of it is blocked by akismet. image description

I read that akismet is now supported which seems to be a good start (that's what we use currently as well). I think big issue with spamming on the current forum is that anonymous users can post/tag.

Can I prevent anonymous users from posting/commenting in askbot?

Also currently the forum will block users if I mark a post as "spam". I think that's also a very important functionality, is that possible currently with askbot?

If some of the features require custom development, that isn't a big problem. However some pointers would be helpful (which modules to change, possible interfaces to implement, ...).

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Felix Schwarz
asked 2013-01-12 08:12:26 -0600, updated 2013-01-12 08:17:16 -0600
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