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My toughts about askbot

Hello all, specially Evgeny, sorry, this is not a question but I didn't know where to put it.

My little project is going to move, I have a nephew (older than me, but my nephew :) who's going to help me after he finishes the university exams and while I'm in vacations. Unfortunatelly we talked the other weekend and decided to use another project, it was mainly my nephew's idea, but he's more advanced user than me. But I would like to share my thoughts about the project and also his arguments I can remember, maybe you can reply to the "accusations" :)

My toughts:

  • I think askbot looks nice I just don't like so many gray, but the colors I think we can change easy.
  • I don't think it has many features, but I don't need a lots of features, the only thing I miss is moderation things.
  • It was a bit hard to install (on my computer) and had some problems, but then it run ok.
  • The people involved are not many but are very helpful.

Michel (my nephew) arguments:

  • He does not like the look, says is confuse, but that's a metter of taste :) I like it
  • He says the code is to confuse to. He was planning to make the moderation features, and that was one of his great arguments, because the other project has many
  • This one is stupid, but he says that there aren't many sites using askbot for a reason, but I believe this is a very new project and that it will have his share in the future

Thanks for your support and good luck with the project.