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Can I write a event-driven plugin for askbot?

I'm starting to look into how to get events out of an askbot installation. When a user posts a new question, or gets their question answered, or wins a badge.. (or anything else) ..I want to publish zeromq messages.

Thinking about it (and admittedly not having read much askbot or django code yet) leads me to believe writing some kind of event-based plugin would be the most straightforward. Alternatively, I could patch my hooks right into askbot's code base itself.. but that is not very easily maintainable. As askbot develops, I'll have to change my patches to keep pace (a pain!)

What methods for plugging-in exist? Could I write a layer of django middleware? Could I make a model extension that emits events when attributes on certain models change in certain ways?

Does anybody have any advice on which approaches to look into?