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2015-10-05 10:58:40 -0500 marked best answer Question regarding interesting tags

In stackoverflow when you have added some tags as interesting tags then questions with those tags will be highlighted (different background color). Is this feature here in askbot? I tried to add some interesting tags but it doesn't act like that way I think.

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2013-07-16 01:17:03 -0500 commented answer Update summary not available in Edit Question

or tell me a way to update all of my files with the github repository.

2013-07-16 01:07:11 -0500 commented answer Update summary not available in Edit Question

Which file should I refer? The question_edit.html in GitHub is same as mine.

2013-07-10 02:21:54 -0500 commented question Activity missing?

There is something wrong with activity both here on and on my site. Times are not correct, the information is missing etc, I think it should be tested well. There are many issues in it I think.

2013-07-10 02:19:07 -0500 commented question Activity missing?

After 28 Jun I have asked 3-4 questions, commented on questions/answers, got some badges but there is nothing on activity.

2013-07-10 02:18:17 -0500 asked a question Activity missing?

I have done a lot of activity on this site still it doesn't show it in activity option. Check it:

image description

2013-07-10 02:10:05 -0500 commented question Football 365 API

I wonder if people can ask questions not related to askbot here.

2013-07-09 07:25:06 -0500 asked a question Runserver should not be used in production env

At present what I do is I start runserver

python runserver vpsip:8000

and then I use haproxy to listen on port 8000 and redirect it to port 80, it's working fine, my site works correctly.

Now I saw that when I do DEBUG=False then it said that Runserver should not be used in production environment.

So what should I use in production environment? What's the alternative of runserver? What do you guys use?

2013-07-09 07:15:33 -0500 asked a question Alternative of runserver

You suggested that

Debug mode is on, do not use it in production. To turn it off, use DEBUG = False in your file.

So I did that and restarted server, now whenever I access my site I get the below message

image description

You are seeing this message because you are using Django runserver and DEBUG_MODE is False. Runserver should not be used in production.

To serve static media in production - please run:

python collectstatic
If you do not see page styling - set DEBUG_MODE = True or use --insecure flag with the runserver command.

I have already done python collectstatic. And regarding the DEBUG=FALSE you suggested that this should be False so what should I do now? If I set DEBUG=True it will be fine. Runserver should not be used in production. What should I use then?

2013-07-08 01:24:31 -0500 asked a question Update summary not available in Edit Question

The update summary option is not coming on my site while editing a question. Any idea what could be the possible reason?

image description

2013-07-08 01:19:42 -0500 answered a question Old entries are not updating when profile is updated

This problem has been solved, I don't know how, maybe some caching problem was there, or it got corrected after server restart etc.

2013-07-08 01:18:36 -0500 edited question Old entries are not updating when profile is updated

At beginning I wrote my screen name as chankey then after answering the first question I changed it to Chankey. Now when I see my site I see that older entry was not updated with the new name. It's correct inside the question page, but on the homepage it is not coming correct (showing old screen name).

Also I changed the flag option later. It is also not appearing for old posts. You can check it on my code site.

image description

2013-07-05 05:27:53 -0500 asked a question Validation_Link doesn't contain correct URL

I used forgot password feature in my site and the link which I got in email doesn't contain correct URL. I checked that it generates from

'validation_link': site_url(reverse(handler_url_name)) + \ '?validation_code=' + key.

Why is this validation_link not picking site_url correctly? Have I forgot to add site_url somewhere? I have set site name in to Where else do we need to put site url?

Note: It's picking the Site Name correctly like WebSite Name for example.

Greetings from the WebSite Name,

To make use of the Forum, please follow the link below:


Following the link above will help us verify your email address.

If you believe that this message was sent in mistake - no further action is needed. Just ignore this email, we apologize for any inconvenience

WebSite Name Administrator
2013-07-04 10:51:51 -0500 commented answer which has better SEO?. OSQA vs ASKBOT

You're right.

2013-07-04 10:41:58 -0500 commented answer which has better SEO?. OSQA vs ASKBOT

@Evgeny I think the URLs are not SEO friendly, for example a tag URL is like which should be Is there any way to change 1st URL to 2nd in Askbot? I see that OSQA uses 2nd URL scheme. Can we use such pattern in Askbot, if yes then how?

2013-07-04 07:30:40 -0500 commented answer Link shows up correctly in edit preview but not in question

I have only 1 link in my answer, still facing the same problem i.e. links shows correctly in preview mode but not in the original post. I checked the source code and it's appearing as <a href="a href="></a><a href=""></a>/&lt;/a"&gt;JavaScript............... which is weird.

2013-07-04 07:26:23 -0500 commented answer link is displayed correctly in preview but not in actual post

I'm facing the same problem. The link is fine in preview mode but after posting its showing the raw link. Any idea how to solve this? I had only 1 link in my answer and its not coming correctly.

2013-07-04 06:39:28 -0500 commented question support user flair?

Well someone can make a site like SO using Askbot, can't he? ;)

2013-07-04 05:58:10 -0500 commented question support user flair?

@Evgeny, @pajju: You may add it in your to-do list, it would be nice to have this feature. Kind of a marketing tool :)

2013-07-04 05:56:29 -0500 commented question support user flair?

Good feature! Should be added!

2013-07-04 05:23:13 -0500 commented answer sitemap.xml is using

Had the same issue, your answer helped :)

You should add it in docs I think.

2013-07-04 05:09:12 -0500 commented question Instruct search engines not to index revision history for posts?

Good point!

2013-07-04 05:02:33 -0500 answered a question DatabaseError at /robots.txt


I just did migrate robots and it worked :)

2013-07-04 04:57:45 -0500 commented question DatabaseError at /robots.txt

When I run python syncdb I get the below message

Not synced (use migrations): - longerusername - askbot.deps.django_authopenid - robots - djcelery - group_messaging - askbot

Then when I do migration like

python migrate robots I get

WARNING!!! You are using a locmem (local memory) caching backend, which is OK for a low volume site running on a single-process server. For a multi-process configuration it is neccessary to have a production cache system, such as redis or memcached.

With local memory caching and multi-process setup you might intermittently see outdated content on your site. Please run command python collectstatic Running migrations for robots: - Nothing to migrate. - Loading initial data for robots.

Installed 0 object(s) from 0 fixture(s)