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2016-07-27 05:13:49 -0500 commented answer Invalid Akismet key disables posting

Thanks Evgeny!!

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2016-07-27 00:11:19 -0500 asked a question Invalid Akismet key disables posting

When " Enable Akismet spam detection" is enabled, if the key specified in "Akismet key for spam detection" is invalid (eg the Akismet account is expired), all posts are rejected with the message:

"Getting Spam was detected on your post, sorry for if this is a mistake"

Instead of failing bad, Askbot should check if the key is valid using the method available at: and prominently display any failures to the administrator.

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2013-08-05 01:15:02 -0500 answered a question Can Askbot import data from Jive?

Looks like does this