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2014-05-01 15:35:07 -0500 answered a question Configure LDAP authentication

I've been fighting LDAP for a bit here, and found a couple tricks that helped me out.

First, if your LDAP requires authentication, just add this to your

LDAP_LOGIN_DN = 'someldapuser'

LDAP_PASSWORD = 'somepassword'

Fill in the ldap read username/password.

Also, make sure to use the current git repository instead of the PyPi build, as it is out of date. Make sure that your has ldap, for me even when using git to build I had the out of date version. You can tell as the final setting will be indentica.

After that, go ahead and login with your admin user. Go into settings and configure your LDAP settings, then configure it again under external keys... I'm not sure which takes precedence. Finally, go into login providers and uncheck everything. Then recheck "Always display local login form" and "Activate Local Password Login". Don't worry, that's just going to force it to only use LDAP.

From there, you should be ok. I edited the log level in to be info for the purpose of getting all configs set correctly.

Hope this helps some others!