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2011-05-15 16:59:56 -0500 asked a question Some questions regarding askbot

First I must say this is a wonderful piece of software. Second I want to ask a few questions about Askbot:

  1. What will do Askbot under heavy load. IE. what if 1000 users are trying to post a question at same time or what if 1000 users are trying to click on a link the same time? This means 1000 inserts or selects in less of a second. How is Askbot handling this?

  2. How well scales Askbot? Can it handle tens of thousands of registered users?

  3. Please give some examples about hardware requirements. Like: for 100 users and 1000 questions Intel Atom is enough, for 1000 users and 10 000 questions Core 2 Duo will do, for 10 0000 users and 100 000 questions Core i7 is enough. What about RAM and storage?

  4. If one server can't handle the traffic, how can you use Askbot on multiple servers? Besides using VPS or cloud. What has to be done?

Were any benchmarks conducted to give some rough ideea about performance?

I know that it sounds crazy, like I'm doing next facebook or Linkedin, but I'm curious and I want to do some planning before making my Q&Site.


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