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2012-10-08 12:05:16 -0600 commented answer Who pre-sets the tags - admin or users?

Hi Evgeny, any news on this? I am trying to get a q&a-forum going at my institute but this tag-subscription is rather crucial I think. Do you have any help?

2012-09-07 07:07:58 -0600 commented question Add Preselected Tag Subscriptions

I take it that answers my question, so this is work in progress, great :). Any information on when this is scheduled?

2012-09-06 07:42:52 -0600 asked a question Add Preselected Tag Subscriptions

Continuing on a previous topic:

I found that effectively subscribe_for_tags is not different from the operation of tag_selector.js, the tags are only stored after a question is posted containing the tag.

Is it possible to let users make a predefined tag-list for the email subscription?

Basically what I want to do is let users make a list describing their expertise, a priori so that they don't have to come back to the forum to update/add their taglist. For q&a within a company this is especially useful I think.

2012-03-22 07:24:09 -0600 answered a question Email subscription for user defined tags

Great! That works, I see the template for it in; askbot/skins/default/templates

I added

<form method="post" action="{% url subscribe_for_tags %}">{% csrf_token %}
        <input type="text" name="tags" value="{{tags|join(' ')|escape}}" />
        <input type="submit" name="ok" value="{% trans %}Subscribe{% endtrans %}" />
        <input type="submit" name="nope" value="{% trans %}Cancel{% endtrans %}" />

to user_profile/user_email_subscriptions.html

and it's working fine as far as I can tell, although I haven't setup the email-servers yet :).

Thanks Evgeny

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2012-03-21 11:38:34 -0600 asked a question Email subscription for user defined tags

Askbot developers, I can really use your help.

Under the subscriptions section I would like to have the option to get emails if questions are asked which contain my predefined tags.

So I want to - set a list of tags for which I want to receive alerts - get an alert if any question is posted with these tags.

Which python files should I edit to get this to work?

I have the dev. version installed.