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2012-09-12 05:58:35 -0500 commented question "Input error: k: Format of site key was invalid" when reCAPTCHA is turned on

Got the same error. Be sure to restart your server after saving the new settings for reCaptcha.

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2012-09-06 10:19:39 -0500 answered a question Make meta description relevant to current page.

Hi, I see on question.html template, this line of code

{% block meta_description %}
        <meta name="description" content="{{question.summary|striptags|escape}}" />
{% endblock %}

but the real page meta description is still the default one "Open source question and answer forum written in Python and Django", probably taken from the default meta_description block definition inside html_head_meta.html

If you look at the meta description of this page you see the same bug!

This is only a relative little problem, but I see that block overrides don't work in the whole templating system. Can someone have a look at this?