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For language selection I currently have these features: select content set and tag set based on global language selection dropdown, possibility to set language=None in tags, causing those tags to show up in all languages, integration with tags command line tag management tools (--language option), and I also have persistent tags (not going away when usage count=0)

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@siovene, OK good to hear that someone else may be interested in this! Please head over to for the code that I'm working on. The language selections are mixed up with other customizations that I'm working on for this customer, but the other changes are not really overlapping, mostly some experiments with authentication backends and the templates/CSS.

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we have to keep track of the tag counts correctly... We also wanted a notion of persistent tags that do not go away when usage count is 0 - these may be added through the admin inteface. It may be possible to generalize this and instead of language have a section field.. but that section field would still have to be passed around when Tags are queried. Do you think this is anything that could be interesting for inclusion in Askbot, in that case we may try to generalize our code and refactor it according to any guidelines you could provide. Kind regards,

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Hello, Thanks for your answer. We have opted for the solution where we allow content selection to depend on a user selectable choice of current language (a box in the upper right corner). We have added a language field to User, Thread and Tag. So, all queries have been adapted so that the language is taken into consideration whes displaying questions and tags. It adds a bit of complexity to the code, e.g. every time we want to search for tags or otherwise work with tags, we have to pass in the language to those functions. Also, when a thread is moved from one language to another (continued)

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First, thanks for developing this piece of software, it is impressive.

We are trying to implement a QA site for support that we're trying to make available in different languages and we do not want to mix the languages but we would still like to allow users to browse and post in the QA-section for other languages, thus different instances of Askbot is not the best option.

It seems like this is not possible with the current version of Askbot and the groups feature does not seem to be exactly what we're looking for. Is this planned in any future releases?

We may try to implement this otherwise. Do you have any suggestions regarding how this could be implemented? Also, do you have any other means of communicating between developers, it would be nice to feel that we are are part of the community of Askbot while we're doing this, for asking quick questions regarding how to do this and that and hearing about how development proceeds and what the roadmap is etc..

Kind regards,

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2012-10-11 08:06:12 -0500 answered a question Dependency on django-celery==2.2.7

OK, seems to be possible to resolve with:

pip install django-celery==2.2.7

2012-10-11 07:51:49 -0500 asked a question Dependency on django-celery==2.2.7

While running

python develop

the following problem emerges:

Searching for django-celery==2.2.7
Download error on timed out -- Some packages may not be found!
Download error on timed out -- Some packages may not be found!
Download error on timed out -- Some packages may not be found!

How would I go about resolving this?