Askbot API

Askbot has API to access forum data in read-only mode. Current version of API is 1.

All data is returned in json format.

All urls start with /api/v1/ and the following endpoints are available:


Returns basic parameters of the site.


Returns, count, number of pages and basic data for each user.

Optional parameters:

* page (<int> page number)
* sort (reputation|oldest|recent|name, default value - "reputation")


Returns basic information about a given user.


Returns information about all questions.

Optional parameters:

* author (<int> user id)
* scope (all|unanswered), default "all"
* sort (age|activity|answers|votes|relevance)-(asc|desc) default - activity-desc
* tags - comma-separated list of tags, without spaces
* query - text search query, url escaped


“relevance” sorting is available only for postgresql database backend


Returns data about individual question


Returns data about individual answer