Live settings

Many of the configuration settings in askbot are accessible to the site administators via link “settings” in the site header.

Any change to the “live settings” will be reflected on the site immediately.

No-one but the site administrators can change those settings.


Any user can be turned into an administrator via running a command.

python add_admin <user_id>

At the moment this command is not available from the web-interface but this will be fixed in the future.

Entering live settings in file

You might want to bypass live settings and enter them directly in the file.

Currently there are two ways to do this:

  1. Simply add variable with the same name as defined in askbot/conf files, but prefixed with ASKBOT_ and the corresponding value. For example, add ASKBOT_RSS_ENABLED = False to disable the rss. In askbot/conf this value is defined simply as RSS_ENABLED.
  2. Put settings into the LIVESETTINGS_OPTIONS dictionary, this way you can assign livesettings values to specific site by ID, which may or may not be useful for the multi-portal (multi-site) askbot setup.

The first method above overrides the second.

Here is a more detailed description on how to use the LIVESETTINGS_OPTIONS method:

Having live settings overridden from the file may somewhat speed up your site and decrease a chance that the values could be accessed by an unauthorized person.

Please see an example below:

    1: {
        'DB' : True,
        'SETTINGS': {
            'EMAIL': {
                'REPLY_BY_EMAIL': True

Firstly, the number “1” is site id. Most likely the number should be the same as the value of SITE_ID setting.

The value for the site id key is a nested dictionary with two keys: 'DB' (if True - then the rest of settings will be taken from the database) and 'SETTINGS' - a dictionary with the actual settings. In this example 'EMAIL' is the settings group and 'REPLY_BY_EMAIL' is the setting name, with True being the value.

Setting group names and setting names can be looked up in files within askbot/conf directory.