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I think that this askbot is almost like its own FAQ system. I have been looking for a good FAQ, Helpdesk (with canned answers & files), etc system, and saw a site with this, and thought it might be perfect for this. It seems that this might be a good thing for an integrated item.

First, an admin created faq. . . i.e. questions they want people to know. Then if people have more questions, they can ask, and see if its answered.

Finally, once its been active, the system can suggest other items that people commonly ask and suggest them for the "official FAQ"

We are a non-profit volunteer run organization, and this would help all members answer questions, and even would allow admins answer specific questions?

Currently, we use a mailing list, Facebook forum, our own static web page (and php based calendar), and web forms for specific questions. . . We've been looking to migrate to a CMS, but we wanted something to have a single login, and provide FAQ, and helpdesk type services -- also member colaboration which we added a wiki to the mix. They all got confusing, not able to work together, and/or expensive, so we have stuck with the basic static web page-phpcalendar, and archaic webforms.

We even looked at bug reporting and project management software, but this works with wordpress, and may be able to solve a few of our issues.