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Google site verification key doesn't work !!!

i get this key from google to verify the website google-xxxxxxxxx.html

in Django Admin Settings (Keys for external services) > Google site verification key > google-xxxxxxxxx.html > SAVE

back to google to verify

We weren't able to verify your site: --http--://

Please help !!!

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asked 2013-02-18 08:16:17 -0600
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  1. Download this HTML verification file. [google3642d1a21bbf3c09.html]

even when i put 3642d1a21bbf3c09 > save

still not working !!:(

zulp's avatar zulp (2013-02-18 08:44:34 -0600) edit
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1 Answer


Maybe you've pasted the whole <meta> tag? Try entering just the "hash code" - take that code from the meta tag as shown below, the value of the "content" parameter.

image description

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answered 2013-02-18 08:31:21 -0600, updated 2013-02-18 08:50:28 -0600
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im using Centos machie with standart install askbot application and iam running askbot like a server .

zulp's avatar zulp (2013-02-18 08:48:23 -0600) edit

Congratulations, you have successfully verified your ownership of :) . THXXXX

zulp's avatar zulp (2013-02-18 09:14:19 -0600) edit
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